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Sat 28th Jul 2018 - 5:53am Gaming

Gravity Gaming is looking to bring on a social media manager to reach a wider demographic and provide quality content for events, promotions, and the lifestyle of the brand. We are looking to bring someone in to specifically manage the twitter profile over at @GRV_NA, we will also accept applications for other social media platforms ie: Instagram, Facebook, Discord, etc. The social media manager will work with a team of social media admins to provide post and content at high volume throughout the weeks. You will have access to our in-house graphic design team and player photo gallery to execute eye-catching images to add to the posts. You will also work directly with the Owners of Gravity Gaming to plan out a social media plan/ schedule and will be asked to partake in mandatory discord meetings for operations to run smoothly and up to pace.



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Gravity Gaming

Gravity Gaming

Gravity Gaming

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